It is not the pain, but the hope, that hurts..

It is not the pain, but the hope, that hurts,
I insisted, thinking I was wise;
as he plucked two twinkling stars from the sky
and placed them in my eyes

My head upon his shoulder lain
he carried me to my resting hour;
climbing the tresses of Ferdowsi’s Rudāba*
he freed me from an imprisoning tower

‘We’ve seen each other’s scars‘, he said
our imperfections seem so perfect’
As I gaze into his fathomless eyes
my heart, in soothing undulation, swept

Carried away on an emerald ocean
within the cadence of my wanting,
the deeper you dive, the less violent the waves‘,
I immerse, the current no longer daunting

First buds break through winter’s frost
ushering the blessed re-birth of spring,
his kiss, a flame, melts the ice in my soul
re-awakening my heart to blossoming.


*  Persian lore similar to the story of Rapunzel


Someone Who Sees You

“The lover’s ailment is separate from all other ailments:
love is the astrolabe of the mysteries of God.”
You will find me where the stars cluster
in familiar constellations,
for the courage I could not muster
left me basking in your subtle revelations

Seeking answers and asking questions:

Why is it that we want the ones that don’t see us
instead of the ones that do..?
Why is it so hard to see
the someone that sees you..?