Gentle Strength


Our fingers intertwined,fingers
our souls re-joined,
our hearts spanned distance and time ~
Reminders of encounters in lives long past,
when we dwelled in the presence of the Divine.

I thought of days of sadness
… of endless, sleepless nights,
of futile attempts at climbing..
but plummeting from towering heights.

With his gentle strength, he held me,
as I laid my appeased soul against him..
My burdens released, finally at peace
I felt my spirit flow within him

I closed my eyes,
and I wept..
.. and I wept ~
as walls of resistance came crumbling down,
and in serene tranquility,
I slept..
..and I slept ~
in the middle of his ocean I gently drowned.

the moon she calls to me


“Moonlight floods the whole sky from horizon to horizon;
How much it can fill your room depends on its windows.”
~ Rumi

photo captured by Skip Maselli


the moon, she calls to me
she hears my silent plea
she knows of my pain
my efforts to heal, in vain


in her bosom, I am cradled
the lore of old comes to me
wisdom in all that is fabled
peace in  fated prophecy

the moon, she calls to me
she feels my silent plea
her light, it floods my soul in overflow
it bathes me in its gentle glow

the moon, she calls to me
she sees my silent plea
she sought to comfort, to console
she kissed my face and left me whole