Coffee Conversations


The world needs more hand-written love letters
and people holding hands,
and  each other.

The world needs unwakeable dreamers
peering over their lip-mounted cafe au laits,
inhaling the nostalgia of quivering edge-curled
pre-autumn leaves.

The air is filled with the scent of those words.

ah.. if i could trade places with an empty chair beside you
I’d certainly have a more accurate sense than this “waiting room”


Collapse into the arms of destinyleaf5
Let them carry you wherever the wind blows

Do not resist, be pliant
Like the reed that sways

Trust that you will be guided
To that which is in season to your soul

Love speaks with one voice
Sometimes through the parting of different lips

Know that the displacement and nostalgia you feel
is but a memory and a foretelling
of Home

Relief comes with surrender
The leaf knows this secret
it yields in acquiescence.
Take a moment and contemplate
the life of a leaf ~

Surrender is not defeat,
it traverses land far and wide
and arrives gently to its destination

Surrender is not weakness,
know your strength.
Your essence can move mountains

Transcend into a fragrance that casts its spell into the night
unbeknownst to the beholder from whence it comes

leaf4In your surrender is beauty
that draws you closer to the ultimate Beauty
and culminates in the ultimate Love

Love him, love her, and let your love permeate
like the scent of two roses, together in bloom