broken vein.


There is a room that remains closed
in each and every one of our hearts
it holds what means the very most,
a treasure-well of priceless life parts

It is dark yet there is light enough
as I sit before my piano keys
A single note is all it takes
for the forgotten lock to release

I roam into that room at times
and see a broken picture frame
the glass all shattered
and scattered
on the floor

I kneel to pick up the pieces
sharp shards find supple flesh
and a broken vein reveals
the frame never really mattered much
laying broken
behind that door

The picture remains whole
despite the fallen broken frame
reminding me your smile never wavered
when that black & white moment
forever captured your name

The frozen twinkle in your eye
gave pause to the moment
where memories haunt
and questions taunt
is this what love truly meant?
that every once in a while,
a frame falls and shatters
revealing loves true intent

Did we really think these
constructed frames
could forever hold
ephemeral moments
encased in gold,
preserving them in the amber of memory..
a museum of fanciful reverie

Yet there they remain
preserved in a special room
of shattered frames
and broken veins
a sacred shrine within a tomb

And the shattered glass
now crimson red
adds color to the room
the broken vein, an endless well
for the ink to pen the wound


Some Days You Want To Run


Your eyes smile at me
I forget all my worries, my pain
But then we part for a while
and it starts all over again

Some days you want to run
Some days you want to stick it through
I just don’t know what I should do

Love is such a roller coaster
a battlefield
a war
It guts you to the core

Win or lose
the heart is the ultimate victim
You claim to love but then love dies
instead of healing you realize you wrecked  ’em
and what you lost
oh what you lost
came at such a high cost ~
oh what I lost
came at such a high cost

Some days you want to run
Some days you want to stick it through
I just don’t know what I should do

They say you can leave anytime you want
No one is a prisoner here,
the key you hold only fits an open door.
What locks you in is your own fear
What locks you out is your own fear

Some days you want to run..
Some days..