He said,

When you spend your days in solitude and mourning,
when those days roll into nights without even a warning,
and the only comfort is the tears you shed,
and your only companion is the warmth of your bed.


When you finally manage to venture out
and you see the whole world is moving about.
When the only thing that keeps you upright is the anger,
when your tears spring forth from the gentle smile of a stranger,
when that stranger’s gaze shows a familiar recognition
that seems to tear down your self-imposed inhibition.

When the sorrow in her eyes mirrors your own,
and your heart no longer feels alone,
and you know without a doubt you’ve finally grown.

Gone are the days of feeling dejected,
of trying so hard and still being rejected.
When the stars align on the right side of destiny
When you think ‘all I want is to give her the best of me’
As you revel in the smiles
at the corners of her eyes.

When every moment with her helps to heal the pain
and the burden falls from your shoulders like summer rain

when the promise from her lips the truth discloses
like the promise of the bud that bursts into roses.

When all your worries fade into her warm embrace
and you memorize every line, every nuance of her face
when you think of old pains and there is not a single trace..

When the core of your essence has been revealed..
Then and only then will you know you are healed.



follow the sun (forget him)

sunI will follow the sun until I forget him
until there is not a single trace
until these eyes and fingers
forget the outline of his face

Rising or setting or behind clouds
I will follow the sun’s lead
tolerating the two twilights
as long as it takes to cauterize the bleed

Standing in its scorching heat
it will burn away the pain
sadness falling from the clouds
knowing a rainbow follows the rain

Back into the ocean’s womb I swim
a returning home to my Being
a gestation of evolution
a rebirthing and a freeing

And I will follow the sun until I forget him



follow the moon (find him)

I will follow the moon until I find him
the one who haunts my dreams
he will light away my confusion
and reveal to me what it all means

He is Love, and he loves me
he is wise and his wisdom shines
He is honest, he is true
He is courage through and through

And I will follow the moon until I find him


His honor shines from deep within
running through the veins beneath his skin

I will not break, I will only bend
This shattered heart will heal and mend

I will not weaken, I will  not wane
I will give my all to him again

And I will follow the moon until I find him