For A Cheater..

She is dead

the woman that used to love you.

She is gone

the one who adored you.

She is departed

the one who held your head in her lap,

and ran her fingers through your hair.

You left her broken-hearted

as you chased your desires into thin air.

You have killed her

the one who’s sweetness you’ve tasted,

you left her with the hard-learned lesson

that some love truly is wasted.

But please do not grieve her
though she gave you her heart and soul,
You willingly chose to deceive her
as her love you continually stole.

Do not assume you still know her

if you happen to see her again;

She is not the same woman that loved you

When you left is when her life began

And if you could see deep into her core

you would see that she doesn’t love you  anymore,

that the moment your heart slammed shut that door

her heart sought to seek what life has in store

She is looking for someone to sweep her off her feet

someone’s who’s kind, and gentle and sweet

someone who will hold her and never release her

who knows the little things it takes to please her

someone who’s faithful and honest and true

someone, anyone, as long as he’s not you. 


heartache is not always about love..

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