I must apologize to you
for thinking of you as the man of my dreams
when you did not choose to be-
for making you the love of my life,
for wanting to be your wife.
I am so very sorry
for all of my attempts
and all my wasted efforts
in building you into something you were not;
You hit the ground with such a thump
from atop that pedestal you fell from.
I hope you can forgive me
for seeing the light in your eyes
that took away all my darkness,unnamed-1
for making you my one,
but now its all undone.
I stand before you bare
as I humbly seek your pardon,
for as I burdened you with my love
I neglected to tend my own garden.
How could I be so wrong,
How could I be so stupid,
always being there for you,
forcing you to take me for granted,
and not being what you wanted.
This is my mea culpa
I seek penance for my crime,
And pray you can absolve me
as I gift you back your time.



He said,

When you spend your days in solitude and mourning,
when those days roll into nights without even a warning,
and the only comfort is the tears you shed,
and your only companion is the warmth of your bed.


When you finally manage to venture out
and you see the whole world is moving about.
When the only thing that keeps you upright is the anger,
when your tears spring forth from the gentle smile of a stranger,
when that stranger’s gaze shows a familiar recognition
that seems to tear down your self-imposed inhibition.

When the sorrow in her eyes mirrors your own,
and your heart no longer feels alone,
and you know without a doubt you’ve finally grown.

Gone are the days of feeling dejected,
of trying so hard and still being rejected.
When the stars align on the right side of destiny
When you think ‘all I want is to give her the best of me’
As you revel in the smiles
at the corners of her eyes.

When every moment with her helps to heal the pain
and the burden falls from your shoulders like summer rain

when the promise from her lips the truth discloses
like the promise of the bud that bursts into roses.

When all your worries fade into her warm embrace
and you memorize every line, every nuance of her face
when you think of old pains and there is not a single trace..

When the core of your essence has been revealed..
Then and only then will you know you are healed.




He said,

physical pain leaves no memory

It is the emotional pain that lingers

As if those thoughts have the same touch,

the same impact of her fingers.

It is only the beautiful memories that hurt

reminiscent of promises broken,

and the sweetness of heartfelt whispers

that will never again be spoken.

It only stops hurting when you forget

when those thoughts no longer re-surface

and tearful goodbyes filled with regret

prove she didn’t hurt you on purpose

And on the day you witness

what used to be your happiness

on another face,

you quickly come to realize

that your memories now belong

to the one who’s taken your place.


For A Cheater..

She is dead

the woman that used to love you.

She is gone

the one who adored you.

She is departed

the one who held your head in her lap,

and ran her fingers through your hair.

You left her broken-hearted

as you chased your desires into thin air.

You have killed her

the one who’s sweetness you’ve tasted,

you left her with the hard-learned lesson

that some love truly is wasted.

But please do not grieve her
though she gave you her heart and soul,
You willingly chose to deceive her
as her love you continually stole.

Do not assume you still know her

if you happen to see her again;

She is not the same woman that loved you

When you left is when her life began

And if you could see deep into her core

you would see that she doesn’t love you  anymore,

that the moment your heart slammed shut that door

her heart sought to seek what life has in store

She is looking for someone to sweep her off her feet

someone’s who’s kind, and gentle and sweet

someone who will hold her and never release her

who knows the little things it takes to please her

someone who’s faithful and honest and true

someone, anyone, as long as he’s not you. 


heartache is not always about love..