Coffee Shop Encounter

It was a quiet afternoon of reminiscingimage
Nostalgia lingered in the sunlit air
intermingling with the sweet aroma of coffee
as I sipped and leaned back in my chair


He walked up to me as I sat by the window
I waited to see what he wanted to say
Your skin is the color of my mocha’, he smiled.
‘Just a notch deeper than your café au lait.’


With his jet black hair and Mediterranean eyes
And a physique worthy of a prize winning stallion
His confident air and his subtle smirk
He had to be greek, or maybe a charming Italian


Long hair in a messy bun that didn’t care
jeans ripped in strategic places
His gaze never left my quizzical eyes
obscuring everyone else’s faces


He waited for me to respond
mere seconds since his saunter
Forever engraving in my mind,
This coffee shop encounter…


I haven’t written a poem in so long…

it seems words are useless now…

but something is still missing…

… the void gets wider, deeper.. darker

in between the silent dots of the ellipsis…

and I wonder~

will the silence speak for me…