Tamarind, Laughter & A Rhino (a dream)


I was in a field among the tamarind trees
piles of tamarind pods everywhere
and hanging from the branches
the wind would blow and rustle through the tamarind pods
and produced the strangest of sounds..
It then occurred to me that it was the sound of laughter,
beautiful laughter surrounded me
As the wind blew harder, 
the sounds of laughter grew louder;
all different forms, from giggles to chuckles 
subtle laughter and contagious laughter..
I could not help smiling and laughing along
Suddenly, there appeared a rhinoceros..
she came up and gently leaned against the tamarind tree..
and just as suddenly, 
the sound of laughter immediately stopped.
She then turned and walked away. 
it seemed as if this was usual for her,
to stop the cacophony..
And there was stillness among the tamarind trees
and me.
A gentle stillness that could not have been forced..

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