Her essence was captivating, enticing..
It drew you with a magnetic pull
that evoked your innermost longing
for hope, for love, for the divine.
The allure was undeniable
The enchantment irresistable.
And as with all things beautiful,
You sought to own her.. to make her yours.
She came to you willingly
Light has no choice but obey when summoned.
In seeing that she was Good, and good for you
You wanted to keep her for yourself.
 But the more you tried to confine her,
the more her light diminished.
She was trapped in a world of darkness
Though you tried so hard to please her.
Your chains of pearls were no better
Than chains of iron – no less restricting.
Not your gifts, nor your ornaments
nor your gold-gilded intentions
can adorn a thing already Beautiful.
But selfish hearts can never see beyond their own futility.
All she needed was her  release
her relief
from Possession.
But you kept her locked behind your open door.
Her heart and soul yearned to be free
To fly along the endless sky
But like a dove enclosed in a cage
locked by your illusions of love,
her wings, once so fine and vibrant
lost their feathers
and she could fly no more.

Her Light had radiated so brightly that
all those around her were illuminated.
But like a candle enclosed in a jar
atop which you placed the lid;
Losing oxygen her Light soon waned
into a tapering flame..
until it was no more.
Now –
Filled with empty darkness she was no longer desireable
to you.
The Beauty you found
and destroyed
was no more.
So you released her
from the bondage of Possession.
Empty. Discarded. Flightless.
The sages of the past once admonished that if you:
“Set the bird’s wings with gold, it will never again soar in the sky”
But you did not heed their wisdom.
And many years later, what once made the world so beautiful
became the subject of stories of lore
of ‘once upon a time’ …
Once upon a time – the world knew beauty
Once upon a time – the world knew love.
Once upon a time – the world knew fireflies
Once upon a time – the world knew the honey bee
Once upon a time – in a land far away; a long, long time ago…


“Set the bird’s wings with gold and it will never again soar in the sky.” – Rabindranath Tagore