Journey of Souls

 “The soul will never become pious and purified except through undergoing afflictions…” ~Ibn Al-Qayyim
My love,
it was not our Time.
Every destination begins with a journey
Our souls had no choice but to endure it
In order to arrive to where souls need to be.
So we may fully appreciate each other the way we both deserve
So we may fully learn the lessons our mistakes have taught us
.. never again to repeat them.
  because we know the pain they cause
   to our own selves
   and to each other.
So that our souls can develop into what our Creator meant them to become:
completely loving
fully giving
absolutely forgiving
Purified through affliction.
A journey abounding with tears and hurt
A journey of ‘missing’ -something, while we know not what it is.
Even our laughter fails in masking the pain of Longing
… for it shows in our eyes. 
This is the soul’s journey towards Love:
the unforeseen moments brought by unexpected images,
the lonely teardrops,
the suffering and the sadness..
Then finally one day ~  at the end of it all
a gentle heart emerges from within an obscure mist
with a tenderness previously unknown – or perhaps unrealized.
It appears before me like an oasis 
    after I had wandered the seemingly endless and parched desert floor.
A thirst fully quenched..
a hunger satiated..
a longing fulfilled. 
And the journey ends
at the right Time.. our time..
and we realize we are Home.
Taken aback by the moment, we shed tears of joy and relief,
signifying the journey our souls had traversed through time and space
to finally reunite. 
Reminded of how much it hurt to be separated,
cleansed from the stains of our pasts,
freed from the shackles of hopelessness and despair,
and knowing we will never be deprived of each other again.

The Story of Love

“The story of love is not important. What is important is that one is capable of love. It is perhaps the only glimpse we are permitted of eternity.” ~ Helen Hayes

… and because it is only a glimpse, it is not meant to last.

It is not the time for Love. 
Not on this realm. Not in this lifetime. 
Some of us never find true love, so we don’t even know what it is.
We cannot fathom what others are feeling.
Love cannot be taught in any school, as Rumi says.
Some of us, if we are lucky, are given a taste.. 
a small taste
so we may long for what is to come.
So we find love or love finds us
Sometimes we fall in love and love remains unreturned, 
   remaining distant despite our prayers, our hopes, and our wishes..
Sometimes love is returned and we experience its divine gifts and get a taste of heaven
And the world just seems a better place through the eyes of love.
But this world is temporal;
and within it, true love can only be temporal.
It comes and it goes
It pains and it bleeds
It awakens some and puts others to sleep.
It is highs.. and it is lows.
It gives.. and then it takes it all away.
It conceals, it deceives, it distrusts.

Perhaps that is why most people are so cynical
Convinced that true love does not exist at all.
But I know that it does. 
I have seen it
I have felt it, 
… I have become it.
And I crave the glimpses though I know they are merely that;
small and temporary windows into a world we hope to reach one day.
Where all there is is Love. 

“We can’t help being thirsty, moving toward the voice of water.” ~ Rumi