O’ Precious Soul

~ A letter of guidance written to me, shared with permission..
A beautiful message to all women
who find themselves in these situations..


“O’ precious soul, you ‘know’ what you must do…
We both do.
For your dignity, dearest, for your health.
We both know what you ‘must’ do.
But you’re a girl—and thus, inwardly, you rarely think of you.
You run on empty to nurture everything around you.
You thrive when others are nourished by you.
You’re fulfilled when others are filled through you. 

You’re magical! Everything about you is!


You just need my help to confirm for you
what you already know; though you would sooner doubt it.
For acting upon it…  means that you will no longer be able to give.
But worse—that you will no longer be needed…

but I promise you, dearest, it only ‘seems’ to be so.

For that, you need, through me, to find your courage
to do what you already know you must…

Strange and, indeed, lowly, this earthly life, dearest.
The more we seek it,
the more we seek solace and stability within it,
the more it alienates us from itself—
As if it insists on reminding us, at almost every turn, of its transience.

Apparently, some of us get more reminders;
and those, it stands to reason,
would have a higher threshold for chaos—for pain…
for their ultimate sustenance is in the Sustainer of the world.

Through my ear and my heart,
you need to resolve to take care of you, dearest;
to firmly do what you already know you must…
You need me to help you
protect what is most precious about you.”


~ Shaykh Abdullah Adhami

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