The Queen That She Is..

“Love is like a mirror. When you love another you become his mirror and he becomes yours…And reflecting each other’s love you see infinity.” ~ Leo Buscaglia

photo captured by Delinda Lombardo (facebook group: San Diego Sunsets)

photo captured by Delinda Lombardo. (facebook group: San Diego Sunsets)


A good woman makes a good man better.. she elevates him and esteems him; honors him and respects him; overlooks his faults and hides them from others, knowing that he is working on improving himself.. all the while giving him peaceful comfort in her arms.
He, in turn, treats her like the queen that she is.

She is strong on her own and doesn’t deplete his strength by leaning on him too much or too often.
She is WOMAN: able, capable, strong, unique, dependable, reliable, trustworthy, kind, comforting, nurturing, enticing, sensual, inspiring…
He, in turn, adds to what she already is.

She offers solace when the world is harsh.
She offers kindness when the world is mean.
She offers peace when the world is demanding.
She becomes his world when the world turns against him.
He, in turn, becomes her world.. and together, they become one, yet separate.

She is his anchor when the sea is raging
She is his sails when the wind stops blowing
She is his moonlight and sunlight when the clouds are threatening
She is his compass when the way is unclear
She is the bow to his arrow when the path is uncertain

In the bitterness of winter, she is his warmth
In the heat of summer, she becomes the cooling breeze
In the harshness of the sun, she is his shade
In his journey through the parched desert floors, she quenches his thirst

A good woman is beautiful – not in her outward appearance, but in her ability to make a man better in every way.
When there is darkness, she brings him light.
When there is insecurity, she reminds him of his strength.
When there is hopelessness, she shows him God.