All I Saw Was You

From the instant that I looked into your eyes
I felt a sense of completion
.. the culmination of all my hopes and dreams
A surreal moment that can never be captured
not in words
not in a photograph
.. just barely in a memory

In that moment, my thoughts and dreams – my fantasies, spoke only your language
.. the dialects of a thousand tongues converged into one

I wanted to fall to my knees before you
And immerse myself into your being in complete surrender
I wanted to melt with you.. and in you
..and become, with you, all that you would be..
.. all that you could become.

Yet I had to keep my distance
and I had to keep my silence

But how can one experience such beauty of existence..
and not be able to touch it?
How can a being experience such joy.. such release..
and not be permitted  to become one with it?
I was being asked not to breathe
.. when it is air that sustains me
Asked not to drink
.. when my thirst begs for quenching
Like a drifter lost at sea
.. marking the passage of time by the rings within my heart

In disappointed agony, I gazed again into the depth of your eyes as
they reflected the moon..
And in that instant of time
I received clarity in my contemplation..
..  in your eyes I saw immortality.

I was then at peace when reminded of the promise of eternal souls
that fly into the night
and experience the joy of everlasting bliss.

The night enveloped us into its comforting solace
A dark and velvety, soothing embrace
Everything and everyone around us became a distant murmur..
.. a vague silhouette.

As the minutes passed unnoticed..
..turning into hours.
They could have turned into days..
.. time had no meaning.
All I saw was you.