Shelter from the Storm

As I look above me into the angry sky

And I hear the dark rage of thunder

Bolts of lightning pierce the heavens

And vicious winds blow the leaves asunder

I am frightened by fierce clouds attacking 

It feels as if I am right there in their midst

They boil with a vengeance I cannot comprehend

Leaving my body immobile – wanton – transfixed

I turn to the heavens and I pray for shelter

From the fury I alone cannot possibly escape

Because I’ve tried to run and I’ve tried to hide

But all I saw was Fear in its ominous shape

Then I close my eyes for I want to see no more

And I run inside, seeking refuge and protection

Yet I still hear the howling wind outside my window

And I ask myself.. Is this God’s way of manifesting rejection?

Again.. the thunder explodes and pierces the night

Violent flashes reveal haunting silhouettes in the darkstorm

Eeriness seeps in through my window pane

Reminding me that I am alone.. once again..

2 responses to “Shelter from the Storm

  1. This poem reminds me of the past few weeks… We’ve been having storm after storm here. I mean really huge storms with really huge hail and lots of lighterning and thunder…

    I believe God makes himself known via different ways… one of them is the weather. Bad storms help bring us closer to God just as bad things that happen in life often do. For example, many people never pray until something bad happens to them.


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