I See Forever..

the_warm_sunset_by_ssilenceI love this man..

.. with all my heart and soul. When I look into his eyes, I see forever.
The quiet intensity sets me ablaze yet brings me peace simultaneously.

I love him for who he is.. for who I am with him
I miss him every moment he is away..

He is my past, for I knew him then
He is my present, for I know him now
He is my future.. for I will know him eternally

Because of him,
   I now know love
   I now know life

He is my reflection.. my very being
He is a part of me that I knew was missing yet didn’t know where to look
And then he found me.
I knew that I had been searching for him all my life

I look into his eyes and I say:
I have waited all my life to fall in love with you
He gently looks back into mine, and softly whispers:
I’ve waited all my life to find you because I knew I was in love with
you this whole time.

Shelter from the Storm

As I look above me into the angry sky

And I hear the dark rage of thunder

Bolts of lightning pierce the heavens

And vicious winds blow the leaves asunder

I am frightened by fierce clouds attacking 

It feels as if I am right there in their midst

They boil with a vengeance I cannot comprehend

Leaving my body immobile – wanton – transfixed

I turn to the heavens and I pray for shelter

From the fury I alone cannot possibly escape

Because I’ve tried to run and I’ve tried to hide

But all I saw was Fear in its ominous shape

Then I close my eyes for I want to see no more

And I run inside, seeking refuge and protection

Yet I still hear the howling wind outside my window

And I ask myself.. Is this God’s way of manifesting rejection?

Again.. the thunder explodes and pierces the night

Violent flashes reveal haunting silhouettes in the darkstorm

Eeriness seeps in through my window pane

Reminding me that I am alone.. once again..

A Place Down Yonder

Take me to a place down yonder

Where there are endless fields

And yellow daffodils

Where butterflies play

And mantises pray

Where the sun dares shine

Despite the deliberately blind


Take me to a place where I can wander


Where there is no limit

To the time of day

And one needs not worry

What next to say

Extend your hand and lead me

And with your knowledge feed me

For wisdom knows no bounds

Where only nature surrounds


Enliven my spirit, enrich my soul

Encompass my life as one big whole

Take me where no being has gone before

Take me where there is always an open door


Take me to the other side of the rainbow

Then set me free to go

Where everything is as it first will seem

Where one may dream the impossible dream


Take me to a place down yonder

Where Solitude is not labeled squander

Where the meadows are green

And the air is clean

Where joy knows no barrier

And man knows no fear

Where the water is crystal clear

Where love overflows

And the wind gently blows


Where a little blue jay will land on my arm

And when I move to touch it

Will not fly away with alarm


Where sadness is never felt

And only tears of happiness are shed

Where no one has heard of a broken heart

Where there is no need for a brand new start


Take me to a place down yonder

A place you know only too well

And when you take me there.. leave me

Where nature will never deceive me